160th Session of the GCC Ministerial Council
  1. 160th Session of the GCC Ministerial Council
  2. 2nd Doha Dialogue on Labor Mobility between GCC and African Countries
  3. 1st Strategic Dialogue between Qatar and OCHA
  4. 15th edition of Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference
  5. 3rd edition of the Arab economic cooperation forum with central Asia and Azerbaijan
  6. Web Summit Qatar

  7. Web Summit Qatar
  8. 27th Meeting of the Supreme Council Consultative Authority
  9. General Assembly conference of the world federation of Muslim Scientist
  10. GCC Summit

  11. GCC Summit
  12. From Religious Freedom to Religious Responsibility
  13. Safar Exhibition

  14. Safar Exhibition
  15. 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5)
  16. 14th Doha International Interfaith Conference
  17. WHO/UNICEF Joint Meeting on Interim Priorities for the Health Sector in Afghanistan
  18. Annual Forum of Beneficiaries of Technical Assistance
  19. Doha Forum 2022

  20. Doha Forum 2022
  21. Chad Peace Negotiations in Doha
  22. Meetings related to the Afghan Affairs Committee
  23. International meeting on Afghanistan
  24. Afghanistan Peace Negotiations
  25. Consultative Meeting of The Arab Foreign Ministers
  26. Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan
  27. United Nations Economic And Social Commission For Western Asia – Escwa
  28. 7th International Conference of Parliamentarians against Corruption
  29. 14th Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future Conference 2019
  30. The Munich Security Conference (MSC) Core Group Meeting
  31. The 16th Ministerial Meeting Of The Member States Of The Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD)
  32. 140th Assembly Of The Inter-parliamentary Union (Ipu)
  33. 18th Doha Forum

  34. 18th Doha Forum
  35. Enriching The Middle east’s Economic Future Conference
  36. Qatar Germany Business and Investment Forum
  37. 13th Doha international interfaith conference
  38. Regional Dialogue on Sustaining Peace
  39. High-level Conference on Financing for Development
  40. 12th Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future Conference 2017
  41. US – Islamic World Forum

  42. US – Islamic World Forum
  43. 17th Doha Forum

  44. 17th Doha Forum
  45. Qatar British Business Forum (QBBF)
  46. 9th World Policy Conference
  47. Joint Meeting Between the Highnesses and His Excellencies GCC Ministers of Foreign Affairs and His Excellency The US Secretary of State
  48. The Second Annual General Meeting of Heads of Diplomatic and Consular Missions and Representatives of the State of Qatar Abroad
  49. US Islamic World Forum

  50. US Islamic World Forum
  51. 15th Doha Forum

The Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences (PCOC) was established in 2004 by decree no.22 under His Excellency the former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to create a global platform for dialogue through conferences and summits.   Since then, PCOC has worked closely with ministries, officials and government stakeholders to ensure the State of Qatar fosters dialogue through hosting regional and international conferences, meetings, summits and forums. In the past, PCOC has facilitated dialogue with the goal of solving on-going global challenges and disputes. Prioritizing cooperation, PCOC has hosted countless events covering a wide range of topics, including political, economic, commercial, and scientific collaboration.

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WHO/UNICEF Joint Meeting on Interim Priorities for the Health Sector in Afghanistan
Annual Forum of Beneficiaries of Technical Assistance
Doha Forum 2022 – Transforming for a New Era

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In February 2024, #WebSummitQatar will gather thousands of entrepreneurs, investors and global leaders in Doha for the first Web Summit event in the Middle East.
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