Dialogue Is Key To Settlement Of Global Disputes

November 23, 2016

Qatar is said to believe in dialogue as the principal method in handling issues and disputes, and also an ideal means of exchanging views in global political challenges, HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad al-Muraikhi has said.

Addressing the 9th World Policy Conference, currently in Doha, the minister said the current global challenges are getting more complex every day, requiring more collective co-operation so as to achieve global peace. The minister added that Qatar is a promoter of peace and believes in bringing people together regardless of their race, beliefs, languages and culture.

He said that people are owners of the planet and need to protect it by tackling challenges and come up with solutions and building human values. Qatar has offered aid to countries going through post-conflict transitional periods and supported reform in many countries out of the belief that reconciliation and national settlements are the way towards stability and paving the way for the rule of law, he said.

The political instability in the Arab world is a source of concern for Qatar, the minister said, adding that the reasons differ from one country to another. He noted that the rule of law is always absent wherever there are ethnic or sectarian conflicts, extremist groups, tribal fanaticism, terrorism, and wars.

The minister of state for foreign affairs said that the political chaos that is created by some regional and international powers have led to the erosion of the sovereignty of weak states and their inability to defend the citizen’s right to a decent living. That is what is really happening in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Palestine, and others, al-Muraikhi said.


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