US-Islamic World Forum Opens Tomorrow in Doha

Doha, May 31 2015 - (QNA)


The 12th annual US-Islamic World organized by Brookings Institution in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences (PCOC) opens here Monday.
The theme of the three-day forum is 'Changing Assumptions', which relates to historic shifts in geopolitical realities affecting the United States and Muslim-majority countries, as well as to societal and cultural norms.
Brookings Acting Vice President and Director of the Foreign Policy Program Bruce Jones; Republic of Tunisia Minister for Political Affairs Mohsen Marzouk; and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani will present the opening remarks at the forum via video link, organizers said.

The forum's plenary sessions will highlight several dimensions of relations with and within a rapidly changing Muslim world. Panelists will discuss a wide range of topics, including:
Strategic priorities for the United States and the Middle East; Pluralism in the Islamic world; Iran's Role in the Region; Ending civil wars; and, Advancing Women's role in the Middle East'.
The forum will also convene working and action groups which will focus on current issues confronting the Islamic world. Group topics include: Strategic Realignment in the Middle East; Combating ISIS propaganda networks; and, Community-led initiatives to counter violent extremism.