U.S. - Islamic World Forum 9 – 11 June 2014

Qatar, already host to annual "US – Islamic World Forum", organized by the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences, and involving the elite group of the finest elements, experiences and minds in the world of politicians, officials and academics and opinion leaders, religious leaders, businessmen and prominent journalists from the United States and all parts of the Islamic world (from Senegal to Indonesia)to act as a body to hold annual meetings between leaders and Officials from the United States and the Islamic World. It is an opportunity to enhance formal dialogue thanks to the vision and support of His Highness the Emir with the aim of building a bridge between the West and the Islamic world (government/ civil society/ private sector).


The primary objective of the contract is to support the Forum annual dialogue, and promote opportunities for cooperation between the Islamic World and the United States in particular, and to highlight the Orient to Islam and Muslims and to improve the distorted image in the West, and the establishment of a positive relationshipbetween the Islamic world and governments and peoples.

So far been organized nine Forums, including one held in Washington in 2011, and met with great success.

The held US – Islamic World Forum this year during the period (9 – 11 June 2014) and includes four plenary sessions, along with a series of workshops and specialized working groups and roundtables, and sealed the Forum usually reports on enhancing the opportunities for cooperation between the Islamic World and the United States, and the need to start establishment and development of a positive relationship between them.


Forum themes:


Themes focused on the study and formulation of papers and serious dialogue process, and provide solutions offered to the leaders, experts and policy and decision makers and key opinion leaders, and is expected to address the following topics:


- Strategic issues.
- The Future of the United States in the Middle East and South Asia.
- The Conflict in Syria.
- Are Jihadis Winning the Arab Spring?
- Defining the Future: Palestinian Voices.
- Accommodating Religious Diversity.
- Working and Action Groups.


The Forum is held in collaboration with the Saban Center for Middle East policy at BROOKINGS Institution (Washington).