Doha to Host 1st Arab Regional Development Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday

Doha, February 16 (QNA)  

Doha is to host on Tuesday the first conference and exhibition of the Arab regional development based on cooperation among the countries of the South. Qatar's Ministry of  Foreign Affairs will co-host the conference in partnership with the Office of the South - South cooperation United Nations , with the aim of providing a platform for the harmonization of the capabilities of solution providers with the needs of researchers for these solutions, the process of exchanges of experiences and collaborative solutions among the countries of the south of the region. The three-day event, is the result of the success of the model show of the global annual development among the countries of the South, and in direct response to the member states and the founding partners seeking to make the South solutions more closer to the regional contexts and to enhance the effects of the South-South development cooperation during the simulation and implementation of cooperation on a large scale. According to a statement the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs logged on its website, His Excellency Dr. Saleh Al - Nabit, the  Minister of  Development Planning and Statistics, is scheduled to inaugurate the conference and the exhibition, in the presence of a number of officials of the other prominent multinational institutions that promote the agenda of cooperation among countries of the South in the Arab States and managers working in a number of countries and regional organizations. A number of supporters of the tripartite cooperation namely the Islamic development bank, and the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation will contribute to the overall partnership in the exhibition.