First Arab States Regional South-South Development EXPO

Days One, Two and Three – 18-20 February 2014
(k) Exhibition Floor: Showcasing of Successful Solutions (18-20 February 2014)


Throughout the entire event, the exhibition floor will showcase some of the most successful and innovative development solutions originating from the Arab States region and/or other parts of the global South, the shining examples of the current and potential strength of South-South cooperation. A number of South-South and triangular partnership solutions relevant to the three broad themes of the Expo will be displayed through the use of posters, audio-visual equipment, printed materials and publications. The showcased solutions will embody the following key attributes: (a) Southern priority/demand driven; (b) Southern ownership; (c) Southern leadership; (d) broad-based partnership; (e) innovation; (f) efficiency; (g) sustainability; and (h) scalability.
(l) South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange and Partnerships Space (18-20 February 2014)
The South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange (SS-GATE) will host a matchmaking space that will offer solution providers, solution seekers and potential investors the opportunity to leverage SS-GATE expertise in deal-making and project facilitation. Viable solutions will be prepared and loaded onto the SS-GATE e-platform in real time for dissemination throughout the global network. In cases where provider, seeker and investor/donor are matched, SS-GATE will provide on-site facilitation to maximize the chances of a successful deal.



Efforts to find solutions to the complex development challenges facing the Arab States region require collective action, innovation and broad-based partnerships. The strength of the Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo lies in concrete and replicable development solutions in the most pivotal areas relevant to the needs of the countries in the Arab States region, thus further promoting critical sharing and, possibly, scaling up of solutions across the region and the global South at large.


With active leadership from the State of Qatar as the host for the first Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo and the full engagement of the entire United Nations system as well as proactive commitment from other development actors from government, civil society, private-sector stakeholders and the international development community, we are confident that the Expo in Doha will go beyond showcasing successful solutions in the Arab States and other developing regions to serve as a powerful platform to form inclusive partnerships to scale up the development impact of those solutions towards achieving the unmet Millennium Development Goals and sustainable development beyond 2015.