Qatar Suggests Establishing Arab Mechanism for Enhancing South Countries Cooperation


Thursday, February 20 2014



Qatar has suggested setting up of an Arab mechanism to enhance cooperation among the countries of the South, its primary goal to provide opportunities for exchange of experiences and successes in order to build capability and capacity in the region and increase the the level of the exchange of solutions, technologies and expertise in the areas agreed upon.

This came in a speech by HE Assistant Foreign Minister for Foreign Affair Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi at the closing ceremony of the "First Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo. HE Al Rumaihi affirmed Qatar's conviction that the cooperation among countries of the South would enhance the status of the region's countries at the global level. He noted that Qatar has contributed greatly to help launching the South Fund Development and Humanitarian Aid, and furthermore had hosted several conferences on the promotion of cooperation among countries of the South, including Group of 77 and China summit which was held in Doha in 2005 and the second summit of the Arab countries and the countries of Latin America, which was held in May 2009, in order to strengthen this cooperation and elevate it to the levels of cooperation between the other regional blocs. He added that Qatar's proposal for creating an Arab mechanism stems from the importance of the EXPO, which has provided a good opportunity for the Arab countries and international and regional organizations to deepen the dialogue on cooperation approach and draw up a roadmap for the enrichment of the region according to the themes raised in the conference and exhibition.