UNSC Reform Meet in Doha



Doha - Qatar Tribune - Jan 15, 2017

The meeting on United Nations Security Council (UNSC) reforms started in Doha on Saturday in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs HE Sultan bin Saad al Muraikhi.

Thirty Member States are participating in the two-day meeting along with President of the 71st UN General Assembly Peter Thomson and the Co-Chairmen of the Inter-Governmental Negotiation on Security Council Reform Ambassador Mohamed Khaled Khiari of Tunisia and Ambassador Ion Jinga of Romania.

During the opening session, the minister of foreign affairs highlighted stability of international community and safety of its peoples as the greatest challenges to the world order.

He pointed out that the UNSC's failure in carrying out its responsibilities underscores the need for fast reform of the Council, which was formed some decades ago under various international circumstances.
The UNCS now is not able to keep up with the developments that have occurred in the structure and interactions of the international system over the past decades, he explained.

He added that Qatar hosting the meeting stems from its role as an active member in the international community and the broad agreement among the members of the international community that the Security Council reform is a collective interest of the Member States and the United Nations system.

The minister pointed that the UNSC reform can only be realized by bringing greater transparency to the work of the Council and increasing its members according to standards and regulations which would create a balance in representation and efficiency in performance.

He stressed that Qatar sees peace more comprehensively than just the absence of violence, adding that peace is to address all aspects of development, strengthening institutions, education and opening opportunities for economic recovery and political and economic integration of young people, as well as addressing issues of inequality, human rights violations, injustice and exclusion.
He underscored the importance of understanding and flexibility in opinions on the reform of the Security Council.


The minister hoped the meeting's discussions would bring new ideas about the intergovernmental process.




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