The Prince embodies good governance leadership... members of the Club de Monaco: Doha, capital of North-South dialogue
President and members of the Club de Monaco praised the role played by Qatar in support and stability of the region. President of Club de Monaco HE Claude de Kemoularia said to reporters that they highly appreciate the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and the comprehensive development surge witnessed by the State of Qatar, hailing the distinguished politics and diplomacy displayed by Qatar on all regional and international levels in order to lay the foundations for peace and security and stability of humanity.
He said this is the third meeting successfully held in Doha, the last time being in February 2010, where regional issues, inter-civilizations dialogue, and peace process in the Middle East have been discussed. He pointed out that Doha is well known as the capital of dialogue and the crossroads of cultures and creative ideas put forward by decision-makers regarding issues of interest to the world, in a time when the Arab world is going through tremendous changes, which grants such meetings particular relevance. He added that he appreciates and is proud of the wisdom and skill of His Highness the Prince's leadership in dealing with the various regional and international issues and in deepening the peaceful dialogue between different peoples and the interaction between different civilizations and cultures, adding that these trend and approach reflect the true good governance. Dr. Ali Samman, Chairman of the Union for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Education (ADIC) stressed the importance of the meeting being held in Doha after integrating the message of dialogue and understanding that calls for it, noting the important role played by the State of Qatar to achieve the objectives of the Club and to establish a common language between the North and South. For his part, former French Minister of State HE Patrick Leclerc said that the meeting's location indicates the prominent position henceforth occupied by Qatar in the region and the world, noting its positive and creative contribution in support of the goals it seeks to achieve. Adviser to the Moroccan monarch Mr Andre Azoulay said that challenges in the region are many and multifaceted, that they are here to examine these challenges and the way to address them and respond to them within a common perspective framework. Mr Azoulay added that he is very happy with this year's Doha meeting, saying that this great gathering and the determination of all to attend the meeting reflect its importance and the significance of the steps it will take to face the looming challenges. He said that the Club of Monaco meeting came at an important moment concurring with the winds of change blowing in the Middle East, which gives it the utmost importance for it will discuss the effects and implications of these changes on the region and the world.