HH the Heir Apparent Opens Doha Forum & Enriching the ME Economic Future Conference
HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani opened Monday morning the Doha Forum on Democracy, Development and Free Trade as well as Enriching the Middle East - Economic Future Conference at the Doha Sheraton Hotel. The opening ceremony was attended by HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, a number of Their Excellencies Sheikhs and Ministers, HE the Speaker of the Advisory Council, a number of Their Excellencies heads of the diplomatic missions accredited to the country and guests.
HH the Heir Apparent delivered a speech at the opening ceremony in which he underlined that Arab revolutions have shown that young people are not engaged in life consumer stuff as it seems, but they are eager for freedom which would not contradict with the culture and Arab identity and Islamic religion and civilization. HH the Heir Apparent stressed on the fact that the storming events that the Arab region has experienced and is still experiencing have proved that the people that are alive and aware of their existence, become the makers of their own history and future. Our Arab people are the ones that make this new historic era. Justice does not come on the tanks of occupation. Wars led to impose democracy were not helpful, moreover, they were a major repulsive obstacle. People had to overcome them in order to overcome their fears that the substitute to tyranny might be instability under foreign colonialism. HH the Heir Apparent proposed that everybody has to be used to the idea that the Arab world no longer accepts to see his individual dignity trampled by local tyranny, or by a foreign colonialism. He hoped that change will be on the basis of awareness and planning and without major shocks. And whether the change comes through a revolution or gradual reforms, everybody will see that there is an effective player on the scene and it is the Arab public opinion. It will no longer be possible to impose or dictate him. Then it will be clear that the Arab public opinion upholds much more to justice at both, the regional and global levels. HH emphasized that the Palestinian cause is in fact the cause of all Arabs and that this is the attitude and position of people, and this is the position of the Arab opinion. This is not just a slogan raised by some Arab regimes. HH said that he confirmed on many occasions that the failure to achieve justice for the Palestinian people upon which peace in our region should be based, is one the major factors of instability and one of the causes of extremism and violence in the region. HH the Heir Apparent called on the international community to exert more efforts to put stress on Israel and convince it to implement the related resolutions adopted by the international legitimacy. Regional and international security and peace are threatened unless the Palestinian cause would not be solved. HH stressed that the State of Qatar believes in peace, cooperation and dialogue between peoples and states. As a member of the international community, Qatar continues to exert efforts aimed at making this world a more peaceful and secure. Qatar mediated many regional conflicts and launched a number of initiatives to support development and offer human assistance in emergency cases under the auspices of the UN. HH the Heir Apparent thanked the friendly countries, which supported these initiatives, and expressed hope that they would gain support from more countries The Doha Forum in the past was a place to discuss issues such as development, reform and popular participation, human rights and women''s empowerment and security, peace and stability in our region, HH the Heir Apparent said. However, Doha Forum was not the only place where these issues have been discussed, these issues were addressed by research and studies centers both regional and international that calling for freedom, equality and respect for human rights, HH added. "These values are advocated by all religions and international conventions and in our region some considered rhetorical words," HH said. "When young people discuss these issues, they do that to spend time or to fill the void. Therefore these issues were not taken the need for reforms in line with the requirements of social and economic development seriously". "Because there are no respond to the ambitious of new generations that want to achieve the freedom and dignity, we see today the popular revolts demanding change and reform towards providing the people of citizen rights and justice," HH added.
Qatar News Agency