Qatar Calls to Establish Regional Center for Human Security
State of Qatar proposed the establishment of a regional center for human security carries out research and studies in the overall human security issues in the region and makes practical proposals for policy makers. The proposal came in the speech delivered by HE Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani at the opening of the 7th Forum for the Future G8-BMENA held currently in Doha.

"We have been met annually in this forum in order to reform governance and strengthen the relationship between governments and civil society organizations and the business sector in order to reach a right approach of cooperation mechanisms," He said. HE Prime Minister expressed the hope that these efforts will bear fruit in launching a series of political projects which will lead to the establishment of a joint cooperation between all stakeholders in the process of reform.


HE praised the role played by civil society organizations to establish a broad base of activists in the areas of human rights and women's identity and the role of young people and the rule of law. HE the Prime Minister called on the various active organizations to coordinate in order to have unfitted visions to positively impact everybody.

HE welcomes the participation of Business sector this year in the Forum. He said the Business sector participation is important to promote and support the path of the Economic and Social Corporation and to contribute effectively in building projects.
HE called for total disarmament in the region in order to revive the economies of the region, pointing out that the goals of the forum greatly influenced by the provision of peace and security.

HE Prime Minister also called to find a solution to the conflicts in the region that threaten international peace and security, especially the Palestinian issue and the conflict in the Middle East. "The peace process in this case is frozen because we pull out away from the steps that lead to peace". 
Israel continues to impose its position through a policy of fait accompli, despite all the efforts that have been made from the Palestinian, Arab and the United States. "We have to admit that Israel is committed to the peace process," HE said. 

"Another issue worth of attention is the question of dealing with natural disasters. Qatar in coordination with the Institute for International Peace has launched an initiative for humanitarian operations based on the idea of establishing a specialized force for humanitarian operations called (HOPEFOR)," HE said.
The HOPEFOR is working to provide a framework of cooperation between the countries that are willing to help in disaster relief under the umbrella of the United Nations, HE added. "We started the process of broad consultation among interested member states and the General Secretariat of the United Nations and particularly the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations agencies, funds and programs, as well as humanitarian organizations, military experts and civil society" to achieve the idea of HOPEFOR. 

"In order to maintain the path of Forum for the Future I call on all participants to comply with the outputs of the Forum and the implementation of projects and follow up the decisions and statements and to be committed to follow-up mechanisms and taking seriously what will agree up on," HE Prime Minister said.
HE praised the work done by the State of Qatar, Canada, the team work of the two foreign ministries, the National Commission for Human Rights, the Arab Foundation for Democracy and the International Development Research Centre for the success of the co-chairmanship of the Forum. 

At the end of his speech, HE thanked all participants for accepting the invitation to participate in the Forum. 
The 7th Future Forum will be attended by 20 countries from the Big Middle East and North Africa (BMENA), the G-8 and 10 international partners, in addition to 250 participants form the civil society organizations, representatives of the business sector in the Middle East and the G 8.

The Future Forum, which current session is co-chaired by Qatar and Canada, aims to prepare the ground for a flexible, frank and comprehensive dialogue on the enhancement of democracy, the participation of the civil society and the development of training capacities, encouragement of modern economic growth.
The Forum also aims at creating a partnership and a framework of action on the ministerial level to coordinate dialogue among the G-8 countries, the Middle East countries, business and civil society organizations leaders.