12th Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference 2016,   February 16 – 17, 2016 Doha - Qatar

Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference Underlines Role of Religion



The first plenary session of the 12th Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference, held this year under the theme:“Spiritual and Intellectual Safety in the Light of Religious Doctrines”, discussed the issue of religion as a humanitarian unity for spiritual and intellectual security of human societies.

Participants agreed on the importance of the role of religions at the present time for facing challenges in the field security, peace and protection of societies form intellectual deviation and religious extremism as well as the spread of values of tolerance, respect and co-existence.

Professor of comparative religions studies and Islamic thought in Morocco Dr. Maryam Ayat Ahmed said no social or international peace could be achieved without the protection of though, noting that any deviation starts from the destabilization of intellectual security.
Addressing the session, she added that all religions agree on the respect of the common human and ethical values. However she questioned what the international religious leaderships have done to protect the spiritual and intellectual people of peoples in the shadow of wars waged in the name of religion.

Dr. Ayat called for the innovation of mechanisms to protect the communal and international peace and for facing the related challenges saying “there is a live thought which makes death that should be faced with a live thinking that makes peace”.

For his part, Rabbi Oliver Liman, from the United States, spoke about the care accorded by religions to spiritual and intellectual security, pointing out to the moderation in the Islamic faith and values of patience and tolerance in Christianity.

Meanwhile Amina Al-Houti, from the United Kingdom said religious civilizations have shown wonderful models for co-existence, referring in this respect to the Islamic civilization Andalusia in which embraced all religions followers, calling for the acceptance of diversity, respect of others and the pooling of efforts to enhance such values.

In her speech during the session, she praised the efforts of the State of Qatar in the field of civilizational and religious dialogue through such gatherings which aimed at enhancing global peace and security.

Patrice Broader, from Canada, focused on the role of educational systems in promoting the culture of compassion, wisdom and communication among peoples.

Muiz Al-Khaloufi, a Tunisian residing in Germany, spoke about his experience of education in Germany after September 11 and the efforts exerted to teach Islam in German schools.
Dr. Mohammed Sirajuddin Shamsuddic, from Indonesia, concluded the session saying that violence is not a unique phenomenon of terrorist groups, noting that there is state violence, capitalist violence and communal violence.