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The 9th Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue will open on Monday October 24th at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, Qatar. The conference will host over 200 participants from 55 countries covering the five continents and including high profile religious representatives and academic figures. The theme of this year deals with the impact of the social media on inter-religious dialogue, with sessions and workshops to span 3 days. The 9th Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue is co-organized by the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue and the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences
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Al Rumaihi: "Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue Bridge the Gap in Views Between Religions"

The 9th Doha conference on interfaith dialogue, which will be held in the Qatari capital from Oct. 24 to 26 under the theme of "Social Media and Inter-Religious Dialogue: A New Relationship" aims to promote dialogue between different cultures and religions to boost regional and international peace and stability. Speaking to Qatar news agency (QNA), Assistant Foreign Minister For Follow Up Affairs HE Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi said this year''s conference, which will bring together a large number of religious leaders of different faiths, prominent personalities and international organizations, discusses the role of social media and social networking in promoting interfaith dialogue. The Doha conference on interfaith dialogue serves as a platform for interfaith, intercultural, non-political opportunity to exchange ideas and improve the interactions among various communities in accordance with the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue''s mission, which aims to spread the culture of dialogue, the peaceful coexistence of humanity and the acceptance of others, said Al Rumaihi. Qatar is taking an increasingly important role in promoting open and transparent interfaith and intercultural dialogue between religious communities, he went on saying. The head of the conferences'' permanent committee at the Ministry expressed the hope that participants at the conference would come out with ideas to implement an optimal use of the social communication as a sophisticated tool for dialogue and how to make the means of communication serve in dialogue between individuals and groups. On the Western policies on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the interfaith dialogue, HE Al Rumaihi urged participants representing all three Abrahamic religions to support the Palestinian state along 1967 borders according to UN resolutions and international laws, without, however, politicizing the dialogue. The three-day event discusses a number of themes related to the Emergence of Communication Technology, History and Development", " Sciences and Religion", " Optimal Use of the Social Communication", " How Have the Social Communication Contributed to the Weakening of Traditions and Customs and Reducing Social Relations?", " The Pros and Cons of the Social Communication Tools and Reflections on the Activities of Interfaith Dialogue", " Making Active Use of Social Communication in Serving Interfaith Dialogue Issues" and " Develop Religious Frameworks and Ethical Regulations to Protect Society from the misuse of Social Networking Tools" besides holding a number of workshops to train participants on using social media in interfaith dialogue.