HH the Emir Patronizes 19th IBF Congress, High Tech Port Fair

Doha, Sunday  October 04 - 2015  (QNA)

Under the Patronage of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, the 19th International Business Forum (IBF) Congress and the 2nd High Tech Port Fair will be held in Doha during the period 6 - 8 October. HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani will inaugurate the IBF Congress which will be held at Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), said the executive Director of the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences HE Ambassador Abdullah Fakhro at a press conference here today. Assistant Undersecretary of ICT Government Programs Hassan Al Sayed said "We are glad to work with our Turkish counterparts to make this forum a success", confirming "Our leaders appreciate the key role of technology, thus we are attaching high importance to such collaboration in this domain". He called on Turkish companies to take the real opportunities available in the Qatari market, hoping that the conference would achieve the desired success and that Turkish companies would have an important role in national development in Qatar. 

From the Turkish side, the press conference was attended by Turkey's Independent Businessmen and Industrialists Association (MUSIAD) Presidential Representative Gazi Misirli, Secretary General of IBF Ozer Balkiz and Managing Director of the High Tech Port Exhibition Omur Yildiz . 

MUSIAD Presidential Representative Gazi Misirli said "High Tech Port by MUSIAD Qatar; has been planned according to the sectors and the business development environment between Turkey and Qatar to produce the most productive grade. High Tech Port by MUSIAD Qatar; it will be a new beginning of a strong future business cooperation between the two countries. With the business collaborations of the advanced and strategic sectors between Qatar and Turkey, they will make a global power and become historic partners". "The IBF congress, with their work done to date, has put forward important goals towards the strengthening of trade and cooperation ties between Muslim nations and have brought to life many projects that contribute to the member states’ economic and social development in this respect", said IBF Secretary General Ozer Balkiz. "The 19th International Business forum, a joint project brought forth by Qatar and Turkey, will have distinguished panel speakers for the fields of ICT and civil aviation. As the main policy of IBF is to establish a global business network among the Muslim businessmen, the current issues of this years IBF, brought together with elaborate detail and valuable speakers, is to show that "we believe it will shed light on the economic development of Muslim Countries", he added.  

Managing Director of High Tech Port Exhibition Omur Yildiz has explained that %In the arena of defense and advanced technology, High-Tech Port by MUSIAD exhibition will be attended by 67 Turkish companies leading in this field". "The Qatar armed forces in conjunction with the brand BMC will be exhibiting 7 different products at this event. With this exhibition we believe that important steps towards strategic cooperation between Qatar and Turkey will be developed. The aim of our cooperation will not just be limited to real estate and construction it will also encompass sustainable business cooperation and development of new market", he added. 

(IBF) International Business Forum, which is attended by 30 countries from around the world, is an international business forum that brings them together annually for business congress and commercial activities. A global business network among Muslim Businessmen, this exclusive platform was established with these principles and is managed by an executive board formed from a team of business association executive presidents from 22 different countries. Hence, it offers a trusted global business network. 
The 19th IBF, Qatari Businessmen Association and MUSIAD have collaborated to create the main theme .Intra-OIC Partnership: Developing Sustainable Cooperation in High-Tech & Defense Industries. The main theme of this congress which will be held at the QNCC on the 6th of October is "The Big Power: Joint Future of Turkey & Qatar". 

The essence of the theme is the cooperation between Qatar and Turkey in the economic field that was formed many years ago. Therefore with a shared vision, projects such s High-Tech port are brought forward as important steps towards the future.






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