UN General Assembly Resolution Adopts "Hopefor"

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2011 already costliest year for natural disasters
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Hopefor seminar discusses setting up global network

The International Conference on the ‘Hopefor’ initiative resumed its activities here to discuss how best to improve effectiveness and coordinating military and civil defence assets in relief operations with a wide scale international participation. The participants held a seminar earlier yesterday on setting up a global network of civilian and military practitioners from both assisting and affected states alike within the context of the ‘Hopefor’ initiative.’ Qatar, in collaboration with the Dominican Republic and Turkey will share the outcome of the conference with the United Nations General Assembly with an aim to strengthen the international response to natural disasters. Annika Hideng Norberg from the International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations has presented an introduction about the forum and its establishment in the middle of the 90s of last century and praised Qatar, Turkey and the Dominican Republic and Turkey for the ‘HopeFor’ initiative and called for serious debates so that the initiative would realise its targets for speedy response to natural disasters across the world via a network of civilian and military practitioners from both the assisting and affected states. Annika said that the forum is not a humanitarian organisation concerned with response to natural disasters but it is aimed at improving the peacekeeping operations and those working in this field. She said that the forum comprises civilian and military practitioners, countries and government and non-government organisations and is closely working with all the regional and international organisations.