Greek Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Says Doha Forum Reflects Qatar's Strength in Region

Doha, Monday May 15, 2017 (QNA)





Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece Georgios Katrougalos said that Doha Forum reflects Qatar's strength and influence in the region. 

He pointed out that this Forum is very important at this time because it discusses the issues of refugees, development and stability, especially in the Middle East which is experiencing many problems, stressing that this session will come out with important discussions which would help find solutions to various regional and international issues. 

Speaking to Al-Sharq newspaper, the Greek minister hailed the role played by the State of Qatar in relief and humanitarian assistance and its support to refugees. He emphasized that his country appreciates what Doha is doing at all levels in this field. 
Katrougalos said that choosing the refugee issue to top the Forum's agenda was very important and his country would like to cooperate in this area as it has its own experience, referring  to many economic difficulties and refugees problem.

He stressed that the problem of refugees in Greece has become a clear crisis, as Syrian refugees flow to Greece across the sea, adding that although his country is going through an economic crisis, it is trying to deal with the situation of refugees in a positive and a humanitarian way. 

The Greek Minister also said that his country does not deal with the refugees as if they were in prison, but it gives them the freedom to choose where they want, either to European countries or other countries, because economic opportunities now in Greece are little amid the presence of the economic crisis. 

He pointed out that there are about 60,000 refugees in Greece and of course many others have passed to some other European countries.

Regarding Qatar's role in mediating and resolving regional and international conflicts, he pointed out that Qatar's role has become multifaceted through the use of all diplomatic means and has been able to overcome obstacles in various difficult situations. 
He also referred to the strong relations between Greece and Qatar and described them as historic and deep, adding that in general, Greece is very close to the Arab world and there are distinct links between the two sides.

These economic relations, he said, are growing in various sectors and Greece is now trying to be an energy hub in the region, noting the many power lines that benefit the whole area. He also confirmed that Greece can be a gateway of the Qatari gas to the countries of the European Union.

He revealed that his country seeks to deepen economic relations and trade and investment exchange, adding that despite the economic crisis, the Greek economy will recover soon.

Katrougalos also said that his country is looking for investments that can revive the Greek economy, and Qatar is one of the most important countries in investment, noting that the investment climate now in Greece is very encouraging.