Minister of Pakistan Praises Doha Forum 2017

Doha, Sunday May 14, 2017 (QNA)






HE Pakistan's Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the Doha Forum 2017 covered on all issues that concern on the world's agenda in a special way. He added that the forum supports communication by providing an opportunity to every to take part in a conversation on issues that concern the global public opinion. Speaking to Qatar New Agency on the sidelines of Doha Forum 2017, the minister said that the wide-ranging participation of personalities representing government authorities and academic institutions was positive as it allows for an exchange in opinions on topics like refugees, the economy, and terrorism. 

On bilateral relations between Qatar and Pakistan, Abbasi said that bilateral ties were growing and has recently seen a signing of an agreement allowing Qatar to supply Pakistan with LNG. He noted that the number of LNG shipments increased from three a month to five. The figure equates to four billion tons a year, worth $1.5 billion in current market prices.

He noted that Pakistan is looking forward to enhancing cooperation with the State of Qatar by attracting investments to Pakistan in the field of energy. He added that Pakistan has a number of opportunities that the Qatari side can benefit from. Those opportunities were especially evident in agriculture, infrastructure, and real estate. Pakistan also is a trading gateway to China, the minister added.